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5 things to never ask anyone

1. “You look tired. Is everything okay?” 2. “Are you pregnant?” 3.  “How old are you?” (Or its cousin: “When did you graduate from college?”) 4. “OMG! WHAT have you done to your hair?” 5. “Do you mind if I

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“etiquette” rhymes with “baguette,” but…

… where on Earth does it come from? From the French, of course! According to Emily Post’s book, Etiquette in Society, in Business, in Politics, and at Home when the Versailles gardens were first being planned, King Louis XIV’s master

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on random noise

Yesterday when I arrived at my office there were a bunch of men drilling up the sidewalk right outside my window. The noise was at a pitch destined to shatter eardrums. I called up someone in the building management office

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my etiquette blog

My name is Vicky Oliver, and welcome to my blog. I live and work in the heart of Manhattan, a city that often gets a bad rap for being rude and unwelcoming. In 1922, Emily Post wrote: “New York’s bad

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